The Creative Burst That Inspired Jimi Hendirx To Write This Song In 2 Minutes


Some people honestly believe that musician Jimi Hendrix was an alien. Based on his song “Little Wing,” that might actually be true. But that all depends on how you relate skills, abilities, and creativity to the human mind.

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit ABC

Jimi Hendridx recorded the album Axis: Bold as Love in 1967 at the Olympic Studios in London. Arguably, the album’s best song was “Little Wing,” which was based on the musician’s experience at the Monterey Pop Festival.

During that three day event, he performed with The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and The Who, among others.

Jimi Hendrix Inspired By Concert

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit Getty

In the book Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy, there is a quote from the subject that said “Little Wing” was based on a “very, very simple Indian style.” The song was about his view of the festival.

“I figured I take everything I’d see around [at the event] and put it maybe in the form of a girl…and call it ‘Little Wing.’ And then it will just fly away,” said Jimi Hendrix about the metaphorical song.

In approximately 145 seconds, Hendrix came up with the song, “Little Wing.”

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