What Does Jack White Have In Common With Al Capone?


Jack White is no stranger to the headlines. Most of the profiles list him as “weird,” “cool,” and “savvy.” But there have also been headlines about nasty emails, storming off stage, holding a grudge, and even punching another guy in the face. These headlines came out back in 2003 when garage band feuds were commonplace.

The White Stripes | Photo Credit Spotify

Whatever you think of Jack White, he’s far from sorry. In fact, if you asked him about throwing the occasional punch, he would say, “so did Johnny Cash.” Either way, the empire White has built in Nashville is something new and impressive. At Third Man Records, he is the only person in the world who still records directly to vinyl.

Thinking back on the old fight, he told Rolling Stone, “So did Sid Vicious. Jerry Lewis. If you call Johnny Cash’s mom a whore in a bar, you expect him to not react? Or go push a Hells Angels bike over and see what happens. It’s insane to do something you know is insulting to another human being and expect no repercussions.”

“With me, you get the extremes of every single emotion,” said the musician.

Jack White Believes In Showing Every Emotion

Jack White | Photo Credit Discog

Musician Jack White isn’t afraid to be happy and he’s also not afraid to show off his temper. The musician lives in a creative mode, so this means showing off passion however it comes to the surface. “When you go into creative mode, it’s definitely not my job to put any blockades up when emotions come to me,” said White.

In a roundabout way, he then somewhat compared his process to that of painter Michelangelo. The point is that anyone would get upset when their creative process had been interrupted. But based on the credibility of Michelangelo, no one would have thought the reaction out of the ordinary.

“I think a lot of emotions have been demonized over the years,” said White, “as if they should never exist on planet Earth. Absolutely not,” he added. “Without revenge and anger and these quote-unquote negative emotions, how would we have won World War II?” asked White.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Jack White’s thought process is that he’s not scared to speak in an overly politically correct world.

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