Is Classic Rock Music Dead? Experts Weigh In On New Rock Culture


The experts over at Rolling Stone magazine recently had a conversation to discuss whether or not they thought rock was dead. While classic rock may live on forever, there are two sides of the debate in terms of current rock trends. But it’s important to think of the past when trying to determine the future.

Rolling Stone Classic Rock | Photo Credit Rolling Stone

The conversation fell between a vicious debate and friendly conversation. Ironically, it started with talk of a Katy Perry song called “Chained to the Rhythm.” Basically, the song is about the distortion of music. “Turn it up, keep it on repeat,” sang Perry about her new song.

Now, the song is poppy, obviously, but it may or may not prove that rock is dead. It’s certainly nowhere near a Beatles song, but perhaps it’s similar to Prince’s “Dance On.” Rob Sheffield, Brittany Spanos, Andy Greene, and Steven Hyden joined Brian Hiatt to discuss the issues of dead rock music.

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