What Keith Richards’ Girlfriend Did For Jimi Hendrix Changed His Life


The great Jimi Hendrix is known for his astonishing guitar skills, stage presence, and always shocking allure. Whether this included playing the guitar with his teeth, behind his back, or lighting it on fire, he always managed to shock and awe. But despite being so successful, he always had trouble around him.

Mr. Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit YouTube

“[Jimi Hendrix] was born into a torn-apart family, struggled his way into fame, and when he got there, he was scammed by his manager,” said the narrator from Lie Likes Music. The thief took all of his money. If that’s enough, he was also a famous African American while segregation and racism were present in daily life.

But it’s the story of Jimi Hendrix that pushes his legend forward to new listeners and new generations of fans.

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