Understanding The Pink Floyd Album ‘Wish You Were Here’, And The Tribute To Syd Barrett


The album, Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd, asks, “What is the cost of fame?” As the follow-up of Dark Side of the Moon, the album is somewhat out of place amidst their discography. But, the reason they made the album is because they were having trouble dealing with their new level of proper fame.

Pink Floyd | Photo Credit Polyphonic

According to various sources, they actually had trouble looking one another in the eye in the studio while trying to record a new album. But, the results were a combination of melancholy for a lost band mate named Syd Barrett, and an effort to take down the industry.

“To understand Wish You Were Here, we need to know the story of Syd Barrett,” said the video essayist narrator at Polyphonic. “Barrett was Pink Floyd’s original guitarist and vocalist.” Essentially, the man’s mind started to go and the band started to fall apart at the same time. 

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