Why Stevie Nicks Keeps A Distance From Fleetwood Mac With Her 3 Year Rule


Bands always have their issues after years on the road. Actually, most bands don’t even make it to “years on the road.” But, Fleetwood Mac is different. The reason why Stevie Nicks limits her band activity is to keep things fresh and exciting.

Stevie Nicks | Photo Credit WSB

“A big band like Fleetwood Mac needs to get out of the spotlight, so that’s what we’ve done,” said Stevie Nicks. “We should always be off the road for three years, because when we come back it’s an event.”

Essentially, this keeps things “special” for fans and the band.

Stevie Nicks Talks About Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks | Photo Credit The Stranger

“I think that’s very important,” said Stevie Nicks about Fleetwood Mac. “There’s a lot of famous bands and a lot of important people out, and you’re going to make a choice of which ticket to buy,” she added.

Nicks finally concluded, “If you haven’t seen one of [those bands] for three years or more then that’s going to be at the top of the list. It feels more special.” Basically, she believes in making the performance an event, not just an annual expectation.

This means, when you get the chance to hear a live version of “Landslide,” “The Chain,” or “Don’t Stop,” it’s important to take it.

Taking Time Away From The Band

Fleetwood Mac | Photo Credit Wikipedia

In addition to making the concert an event for fans, it’s also nice to spend time away from the band. Taking three years off between shows feels good for everyone. It’s something to look forward to after a short break.

“It really sets you up for a good time because everything’s new and everybody’s got new stories and everybody’s been doing crazy, different things,” said Stevie Nicks. “So when you walk into rehearsal that first day, everyone’s really happy to see each other.”

Touring all the time would take away those happy accidents and unexpected conversations. This way, they can also grow as artists by working on other things or simply spending time with family when they’re not touring.

In the end, Nicks enjoys being the “boss,” but she understands it’s more important to be a team player.

Are you looking forward to the next Fleetwood Mac concert in your area?