Here’s How David Bowie Inspired His Son’s New Netflix Movie, ‘Mute’


In the Netflix film, Mute, a “mute bartender goes up against the city’s gangsters in an effort to find out what happened to his missing partner.” The film comes from Duncan Jones, director of Source Code, Moon, and the son of the great David Bowie.

Mute | Photo Credit Netflix

Both Moon and Source Code were sci-fi thrillers and Mute is no different. The new film is set 40 years into the future and it premiered in February. Plus, the film stars Hollywood elites, Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgård.

“I think there’s a lot of subtext in Mute that I’ll become more aware of as time wears on,” said the director, about his relationship with his father.

David Bowie Son Talks About New Movie

Duncan Jones told The Times, “An awful lot of the story revolves around the nature of parenthood. What makes a good parent?” The writer-director actually wrote the draft earlier and then rewrote it “because there was too much personal stuff.”

The director then referred to his dad’s famous quote on art and artistry. “Putting yourself a little bit deeper in the water than where you can reach [the bottom with] your toes,” he said, Basically, get out there and work against the struggle.

“That’s what I did with Mute,” said the writer-director.

Taking Creative Chances As An Artist

Mute | Photo Credit Netflix

The movie is meant to be uncomfortable, unexpected, and dark. At this point, that’s actually what Netflix seems to be attracting more and more. The mega-streaming network is allowing for professionals to explore within their craft. This makes hits and misses, of course, but that’s what it’s all about.

Alexander Skarsgård spoke about the film as well. The actor said, “It’s not a coincidence that it’s set in Berlin. You can tell Duncan is very excited to be back there.” This directly relates to Bowie’s iconic tour back in 1976. The musician recorded three albums there, known as the Berlin Trilogy.

The director won a BAFTA for his film Moon, which starred new Oscar winner Sam Rockwell. Mute is somewhat of a prequel to Moon.

Have you seen this film somewhat inspired by David Bowie?