The Creative Methods Johnny Cash’s Friends And Family Used To Write ‘House Of Cash’


In the book, House of Cash: The Legacies of My Father, Johnny Cash, John Carter Cash wrote about his father. The second-generation storyteller begins the book by calling his father a “complicated man.” But, the book goes far beyond the typical stories about Cash and his failures, struggles, addictions, and heartaches.

House of Cash | Photo Credit Amazon

Musician and actor Kris Kristofferson once described Johnny Cash as “a walking contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction.” The subject’s son agreed, but there was more to the man than contradictions. “I feel it is important to share facets of my father’s nature that are unknown to many of his fans,” he wrote.

The author said his father was the salt of the earth. As a Christian, he was creative outside of his music, with hobbies like poetry, photography, culinary, and fishing, outside of lots and lots of time with his family. The insightful biography is a very personal recollection of the man’s inner life.

The book explores the artist’s creative spirit, his loving nature, and his ongoing inspiring persistence. In addition, the bulk of the book focuses on a deep conversation between father and son as the two learned values throughout life.

In the end, the two did their best to discuss the overall nature of creativity, various responsibilities of fatherhood and friends, the importance of humility and morality, along with the value of reading and sympathies within life. Thankfully, the son spent some time to make this project a book for fans of the legend. 

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