Fleetwood Mac Truly Defines The Sex, Drugs, Rock And Roll Stereotype


Most people think of Fleetwood Mac as a mild-mannered soft rock group, but that’s just the outer shell for the band. In reality, the band was known for rampant drug use, casual one-night-stands, and everything else a great rock band is known for.

Stevie Nicks has told insane stories of spending over one million dollars on cocaine and even blowing a hole in her nose due to the drug. Fans were shocked to hear the news about the various addictive behaviors from the group.

But their controversy was much deeper than drugs alone.

Fleetwood Mac Problems Started With LSD

Fleetwood Mac | Photo Credit Uncut

Most of the real problems for Fleetwood Mac actually came from Mick Fleetwood. His addictions and poor choices spread through the group like a virus. Both Nicks and Fleetwood have started to open up about these low points.

Some of the more insane details include drugs, divorces, celebrity affairs, cult influence, and beyond. Most of this started around 1970 when John McVie, Peter Green, and Mick Fleetwood started the band. Soon after, Green took LSD for the first time and eventually led to giving away most of his money and being clinically diagnosed as schizophrenic.

Stevie Nicks, A Cult, And Cocaine

Stevie Nicks | Photo Credit WSB

On an American tour, Jeremy Spencer left his Hollywood hotel to buy groceries. When he came back, he claimed by the Children of God cult. Towards the end of their controversies, guitarist Bob Weston was fired for sleeping with Fleetwood’s wife.

The divorce truly crushed Mick Fleetwood and it didn’t seem like the band could ever be prepared. In 1975, however, things changed when Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks came on board along with piles of cocaine.

It got to a point where many felt like the drummer had likely taken an eighth of an out every day for twenty years in cocaine. The sound engineers said it that were one line of cocaine, it would be seven miles long.

Many people have heard rumors of studio cocaine but Fleetwood Mac confirmed that the studios would have it available with everything else on the buffet. Somehow, despite these insane tales, the band still tours today.

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