Find Out How David Bowie Inspired New Alice In Chains Song


Alice in Chains songwriter Jerry Cantrell said that David Bowie had been the leading inspiration for the new single, “The One You Know.” The guitarist also said that the song was meant to highlight the band’s upcoming sixth studio album. Cantrell sat down with SiriusXM to discuss the track.

David Bowie | Photo Credit Polyphonic

“It’s really aggressive—it’s got a super-aggro riff,” said Jerry Cantrell about the new track. “I was thinking kind of Bowie when I was writing, a little bit, so it’s got a metal ‘Fame’ shuffle to it, almost. It’s a good agro riff and it’s got the classic Alice in Chains chorus, with a weird kind of triply middle part.”

The new album is the follow-up to 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, which was also delayed several times. While writing and recording, Cantrell suffered and eventually got shoulder surgery so they could complete the album in 2012.

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