David Bowie Said His Goodbyes In Haunting “Blackstar” Music Video


Musician David Bowie passed away in January of 2016, but the artist was actually one of the busiest musicians around in terms of his final days. After a long period of silence, Bowie came out with two albums, seemingly out of nowhere. After his death, there have been new tracks, documentarians, and other archival-type materials.

David Bowie Video | Photo Credit YouTube

Some fans have decided that Bowie’s single, “Lazarus,” was somewhat of a goodbye, but there’s more evidence saying he didn’t know the end was approaching. The musician discovered that he had terminal cancer around three months before his death. Basically, he was just being productive because he was always productive.

The singer-songwriter died a few days after his 69th birthday and not long after his 25th album, Blackstar. Bowie had more stories to tell and fans are better off for it. Many of his final messages came in his unusual music videos for “Lazarus” and “Blackstar.”

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