David Bowie Reflects On ‘Reality,’ Tony Visconti, And Final World Tour


“We went on a mini-tour,” said David Bowie about his European and American tour leading up to Reality. While on tour, Bowie started to write and get serious about the album that would debut in 2013.

The rock-sounding album is somewhere between Scary Monsters and Heathen. “I certainly wrote it with the stage band in mind and I wanted to reflect how our gigs had been going. I think we had gotten to a pretty good plateau at the moment.”

Bowie added, “I just wanted to show them off a bit. They’re quite good. And, also, I wrote it from the perspective of New York while living in New York. I guess it has an awful lot of the energy of where I live.”

Around the time of this interview, Bowie actually performed a private show that was at a secret location.

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