Why The Beatles Decided To Name Their Song “Yesterday” Instead Of “Scrambled Eggs”


At the beginning of their career, the Beatles launched a song called “Yesterday.” As one of the most iconic bands in the world, there are wild stories going back to the origin and those days of Beatlemania in the 1960s.

They had their hippy days while working on “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and then they had a somewhat ugly breakup at the end. The bickering, ego, and greed led to a series of worse scenarios, such as the deaths of George Harrison and John Lennon.

But, amidst all of that, there was the song “Yesterday,” which was a gift and a curse for the iconic band.

The Song That Highlighted The End Of The Beatles

The Beatles | Photo Credit Hollywood Reporter

At first, “Yesterday” was basically just another song. But, it was also the first song that one Beatle sang along. Paul McCartney wrote and recorded the song by himself, which signified some fighting between him and John Lennon.

McCartney said that the song came to him in a dream. He told Telegraph, “I woke up with a lovely tune in my head. I thought, ‘That’s great, I wonder what that is?’” Luckily, there was a piano next to him as well.

He found G, F and sharp minor 7th to lead himself through the song.

From “Scrambled Eggs” To “Yesterday”

Paul McCartney, John Lennon | Photo Page Six

Paul McCartney dreamed of the melody for “Yesterday,” but he couldn’t come up with a proper name. Originally, he thought the name should be “Scrambled Eggs.” At the time, the band somewhat laughed at the name.

But, most of the songs were a joke between band members. There were countless inside jokes between the foursome when they worked in the studio. In the end, however, they decided the song needed a single word.

McCartney ironically said he had another dream that gave him the proper title for the song. Thanks to these two dreams, “Yesterday” became one of the most recorded songs in history. The Beatles had another unique and credible hit on their hands.

Do you think there was some divine intervention around the Beatles?