What’s The Brand New Jimi Hendrix Memorabilia Going To Auction?


Back in 1969, musician Jimi Hendrix was charged with drug possession on a Canadian arrest card. The card is about to go up for sale on auction and it’s expected to sell for $14,000 or more to the highest bidder.

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit Getty

The document was signed on May 3, 1969. Back then Jimi Hendrix had been detained in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. According to the report, he had been carrying in small amounts of both hash and heroin in his luggage.

At the trial, he faced charges that could have locked him up for twenty years in jail. Luckily, he was found not guilty after he said he had no knowledge of the drugs being in his bag.

Jimi Hendrix Arrest Card Now On Sale

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit UCR

According to the document, Jimi Hendrix was 5’1’’ and 147 pounds at the time. The autographed paper also commented about a scar on his right eye, plus it has his full address and all of his fingerprints.

Executive Vice President Bobby Livingston said there was previously a mug shot associated with the arrest that sold for $14,000. Basically, he feels like the card should sell for approximately the same amount.

“It’s one of those things I wouldn’t be surprised it if ended up in a museum,” Livingston told the press.

A Musician That Had “Outgrown” Drugs

Jimi Hendrix | Photo Credit ABC

At the trial back in 1969, Hendrix’s manager Chas Chandler argued that fans will give the musician gifts, including drugs. Essentially, it was possible that there would be drugs in his bag that he did not know about.

At the time, the musician told the judge that he had “outgrown” drugs. In the end, the jury decided to dismiss the charges. In Canada, the accused must have knowledge that the drugs are in their possession.

After the trial, Jimi Hendrix announced, “Canada has given me the best Christmas present I ever had.” Less than a year after this trial, Hendrix died. There’s some speculation as to why he died but some believe it was a number of things.

Before his death, friends and colleagues reported Hendrix as overworked, exhausted from lack of sleep, and also had the flu.

What would you pay for a piece of iconic Jimi Hendrix memorabilia?