These 11 Ridiculous Classic Rock Conspiracy Theories Will Make Your Head Hurt


Whenever there are devoted fans, there are insane conspiracy fan theories. Among the list of these unusual classic rock conspiracies are rumors about Dave Grohl’s broken leg, Paul McCartney’s double, and even some fans who don’t believe the Beatles ever existed in the first place.

Beatles at Leslo | Photo Credit C4R

But, where there are insane rumors, there are also occasionally insane truths. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones did actually snort his father’s ashes and the Beatles did actually try to buy an island. Either way, many of these rumors only grew more with the Internet age.

Among the many conspiracy theories that exist, some of our favorites revolve around unsolved murders, The Simpsons, and the blood of Kiss.

Classic Rock Star Dave Grohl Never Broke His Leg

Back in June of 2015, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters fell off stage at a concert and broke his leg. But, the star of the show promised fans he would come back and finish the show after he took a trip to the hospital. The story became a legend for the band and made fans love Grohl even more. 

But, some fans thought he faked the injury to boost ticket sales. A few months later, Grohl actually addressed the rumor and said he thought it was “f**kin’ rad” so he didn’t really deny it, but almost made it a joke. Grohl clearly gets a laugh out of the theory. 

“I’m really into the idea of a conspiracy theory,” said classic rock star Dave Grohl. If that’s not enough, some people also think that Dave Grohl and Andrew W.K. are the same person, but that actually seems even more insane.

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