9 Things You Didn’t Know About Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ Album


The album Dark Side of the Moon is arguably one of the greatest albums ever created. That said, there are a few facts that even the greatest fans may not know about the album and the band behind it.

Among the many facts, there are sole lyricists, alternative titles, inspired tracks, film rejects, and a budget that helped create an absurd comedy in 1975. But, above all else, the album remains one of the greatest collaborations in rock history. 

Dark Side Featured Roger Waters As Sole Lyricist

Roger Waters | Photo Credit Bearded Gentleman

Ever since 1968’s A Saucerful of Secrets, Roger Waters had been a lyricist for Pink Floyd but Dark Side was the first time the bassist took the reins. The writer wanted the concept to involve more lucid and direct lyrics than before.

Waters later said that was his first big fight with the band. Before, the band’s leader Barrett had written most of the songs. Waters wanted to move away from strictly political and philosophical work.

At the same time, Gilmour said he never felt that strong as a writer, so he was happy that Waters wanted to take on the major responsibility.

Dark Side Was Nearly Called ‘Eclipse’

Pink Floyd | Photo Rolling Stone

In the very beginning, Pink Floyd wanted to call their new album Dark Side of the Moon. However, the British blues band Medicine Head released an album by the same name in 1972. Therefore, Pink Floyd considered naming the album, Eclipse.

Back then, they were not upset that the other band used the name, but they were upset that they had thought of it first and not used it. However, Medicine Head’s album sank so they decided to use the name anyway.

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