The Top 10 Most Peculiar ‘Prince’ TV Guest Appearances


Musician Prince was known for his electric work, his spectacular stage presence, an extravagant fashion sense and an impressively wide vocal range. His music mixed funk, new wave, R&B, rock, soul, pop, and even psychedelia. Through this combo, he sold over 100 million records across the globe.

Tom Petty, Prince | Photo Credit R&R HoF

In addition to record sales, Prince also won eight Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe award, an Academy Award for Purple Rain, six American Music Awards, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. In addition to all of his achievements, the musician was also somewhat of an enigma.

Over the years, he would occasionally make appearances on the small screen. Whether it was Saturday Night Live, New Girl, or Super Bowl XLI, Prince always made an enormous impression on fans.

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