Miranda Lambert

Remember when Miranda Lambert was on Say Yes To The Dress?

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-03

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert’s wedding to Blake Shelton (photo from www.weddingdecortheme.info)

Remember when Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were in love?

When she was planning her wedding with Shelton, she recalls her fandom of the TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress.” She was not just a fan but also a star of the show. She appeared in one episode as a close friend to the bride.

Since the episode aired in August of 2012, Lambert’s band Pistol Annies became inactive, she got serious about her solo career, and gone on to win multiple awards. 

But, before all of that, Lambert was one of the main focuses on SYTTD. She and her former band members, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, to help Presley find a dress for her wedding.

“There is no way I would want to do this without them,” Presley says in the episode. “I’m eloping, so this is a way to feel like a bride and do bride stuff.”

“This is the only time for us to see her in her dress, so it’s a big deal for us,” Miranda says.

But Miranda, for one of the dresses Presley tried on, was not a fan.

“I think — no,” she said outright.

Check out a clip from the episode below:

This episode shows the ups and downs of these country stars trying to choose a dress, kind of like their real lives.

Take, for example, Lambert herself. 

Things haven’t always been good for her. She and Shelton, unfortunately, divorced. He bed and breakfast in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, closed down and Shelton bought the property. Actually, Lambert had a second bed and breakfast that closed as well, possibly involving Shelton.

But now, she’s doing just fine. 

She recently accepted a CMA award from Loretta Lynn, and it was possibly the most amazing moment of her career.

“It’s moments like that,” she says of accepting the award from Lynn, “that are so validating. “(Those) make you realize that all the sacrifices and work and heart and energy and time you put in, people notice. And they still want you to be part of this family.”

Despite winning all the awards she’s won, she stay humble and real — kind of how she appeared on SYTTD as a good friend to a bride.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m just getting a start in my career,” she says, “and sometimes I feel like I’ve been here for a really long time.”

But even when she feels like she’s been going at this “music” thing for such a long time and has done so much work, she still doesn’t plan on leaving her passion of country music.

“I’m thrilled to ever get to be part of anything that has to do with country music because it’s all I’ve ever done,” she says. “It’s all I’ll ever do,” Lambert says. “It just makes up who I am.”

Do you think she’ll be sporting a wedding dress anytime soon?


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