Next time you’re in the woods, don’t forget to do these things

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Get off your freakin’ phone, y’all. Seriously, there’s a real world out there, and it’s time to look at it and experience it. Get outdoors and do some stuff.

And there’s more to do in the woods than just hiking and camping. Your options are almost endless, you just have to be creative. If you’re creative, you can heighten your experience of the forest and foliage.

Knowing that, take a look at these suggestions for activities you can do in the woods

Have a picnic

You don’t need a field or even a patch of grass — find a log off the beaten path, have a seat, and break out the munchies. Don’t forget to bring a couple cold ones!

Do some bird watching

There’s more to this than just looking at the flying animals — bring a bird bird so you know what you’re looking at. Take your notebook and jot down the birds you’ve seen and where you saw them. Grab your binoculars so you can see every detail — they’re beautiful animals!

Stop and listen

Try this: twice during your walk, have everyone stop and just listen. Play don’t break the sugar bowl and enjoy the sounds of the animals and rustling of everything around you. In our busy lives, we often forget to just stop and reflect — here’s your chance.

Be attentive to your surroundings

Look closely at the plant next to you, stare up at the tops of the trees and notice how they move with the wind, look into the depths of the forest and see what you can find. Look for budding flowers or dying leaves, depending on what season it is. Heck, play some “I Spy” with your fellow hikers.

Collect trash

Don’t skip over this one. For real, make this your community service for the month. Bring some grocery bags or trash bags and start filling them with whatever garbage others have tossed out. We gotta take care of our home, right?

Make art

Are you artistic? This is a perfect opportunity to practice your skills. Bring along your colored pencils, or whatever your weapon of choice, and draw away!

Take pictures

Okay, so here’s the one part of the hike that you’re allowed to pull out your phone. Photos are such a good way to help you secure memories. Here’s a challenge: try to take photos just for the sake of having them and remembering your hike, don’t post them on social media — can you stay strong and overcome the temptation?

Play games

Game are especially fun as a family with kids, but adults can play too. Here are some ideas: leap frog, duck-duck-goose, or a good old-fashioned game of tag. And you could end the trip with a race back to the car or house.


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