She’s a girl who’s made waves in both country and pop. Her dance routines have been the subject of parody and criticism. But in a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Miley Cyrus was anything but controversial. She was funny, charming, and sporting really big hair.

Phil RobertsonMiley Cyrus (source: Marie Claire)

“Islands in the Stream”

The show opened with Jimmy Fallon in full Kenny Rogers regalia. Wearing a tuxedo, beard, and messy gray hair, Fallon commenced singing “Islands in the Stream.” This was the hit duet of Rogers and Parton in 1983. Just in time for her musical entrance, Cyrus walked from backstage.

She was the picture of Dolly Parton. Think big, blonde wig, a swinging polyester dress, and a bit, um, bustier than we’ve seen her. Her makeup was dewy 80s perfection. She even had the pumps.

Throughout the duet, Fallon produced a slightly gruff Rogers impersonation. Cyrus, on the other hand, did a fantastic job of channeling Dolly Parton. Fans of the Cyrus (or Parton) may not know that Parton is Miley’s godmother. It was an hilarious performance that also managed to showcase Cyrus’ musical talent. 

“These Boots are Made for Walkin’”

Taking the stage later in the show, Cyrus paid homage to the late Nancy Sinatra with a rousing rendition of Nancy’s hit song. She dedicated her performance of “These Boots are Made for Walkin’” to Hillary Clinton. Clinton was the featured guest that night.

Unlike her Dolly impersonation, Miley’s version of “Boots” was her own. Rolling Stone described it as Miley turning “Sinatra’s simmering kiss off into a rollicking rocker with classic country flourishes and arena rock momentum.”

A Clinton Thank-You

Cyrus also joined female staff writers of the show in writing thank-you notes to Hillary. Miley specifically addressed Ms. Clinton, even asking for a hug. Rolling Stone also reported Cyrus’ words to the former Secretary of State. These included Cyrus describing Ms. Clinton as “a beacon of strength, hope and determination for me and millions of other young women.” She then said, “I could go on and on, but I’d like to get right to the point: Can I get a hug?”


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