Luke Bryan, marriage, loveLuke Bryan, Caroline Boyer, Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton (photo from Luke Bryan has never sung a pure love song to his wife.

The singer of “Country Girl,” “Drunk On You,” and “I Don’t Want This Night to End” says those were not showing his true love to his wife, Caroline.

It wasn’t until his song “To the Moon and Back” from his “Kill the Lights” album that he expressed his real feelings for her in a song. And the first time he played it for her, he was super nervous.

“I played it for my wife and I had butterflies, her hearing it for the first time,” Bryan told Entertainment Tonight, “because it was my attempt through song telling her how much she means to me.”

“I never kinda landed on a wedding song, and this thing may be that.”

Luke Bryan, marriage, loveLuke Bryan and his wife, Caroline (photo from

The album, which came out in August, includes this ballad because it’s from Bryan’s heart.

“From the crazy and the different to the more of the same,” he sings on the track. “From the coast is clear to a hurricane. Yeah, I’ll be right beside you, on the road or off the tracks. To ends of the earth, to the moon and back.”

As so many country artists get divorced and others are shocked by those divorces, Bryan said his marriage is solid. He says he and Caroline are “really, really blessed.”

For example, when Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorced, he realized how diffictult it can be to have everyone being watchdogs on your marriage.

“Blake and I have talked a little bit,” Bryan said. “A divorce out of the public eye is a tremendous thing to have to deal with, so when they’re in the public eye, you just hope they’re doing good and you hope they’re happy at the end of the day.”

But he says that he and Caroline are doing just fine — great, actually.

“We both have our things that we love to do,” he says. “We can tell when we need a night off. Go grab a hotel room somewhere or go do a fun date night or something.”

That’s great to hear. But he’s not an anomaly. Plenty of country stars have been married for a decade or longer.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren AkinsThomas Rhett and Lauren Akins (photo from

Thomas Rhett, for instance, is serious about staying faithful to his wife. 

“The rules and precedents I’ve set for myself out on the road really are the biggest things that kind of hold our marriage together,” Rhett told Taste of Country. “No girls on the bus, no girls touch me during meet and greet and all that kind of stuff.

“As strict as rules as they are, those kind of things have to be enforced for me to keep my guard up and for her to trust that what (I say is) going on on the road is really what’s going on on the road.”

As anyone who’s married knows, marriage is well worth the work that both people need to put in — the rewards are worth the fight.

“In my life,” Bryan said, “I’ve dealt with a lot of permanent loss where you know you can’t get people back, and I just always pray — certainly in Blake and Miranda’s case — that they’ll be happy, you know, however, whatever shakes out, and anybody going through that.”

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