Little Girl and Country Star Sing a Heart-Warming Duet


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This might just be the sweetest video you’ll see today.

Little girl + little girl’s dad who happens to be a country star + a stage in front of thousands of people = ultimate cuteness. 

Dierks Bentley has shown himself to be a sweet guy. I mean, the guy drives a Prius — how threatening could he be? And in this case, he reveals his fatherly side in the video below.

It starts out with Bentley singing “Thinking Of You” on his own, just him and a guitar. Then, at about 40 seconds, you start to hear people cheering extra loud. Bentley glances over to his right with a big smile. He pulls a stool up next to him.

Then his daughter Evie appears camera left and climbs onto the stool. The crowd loves it. Even though this isn’t the first time he’s invited her to a duet, it sure is cute every time.

She comes out with huge sound-proofing headphones on her head that make her look even smaller than she is. She crawls up onto a stool next to her dad, looks at him for direction, and the two start singing together.

Then, at about the 2:39 mark, Bentley signals to his daughter to sing solo. In between lyrics, she glances up to her dad, almost as if she’s saying, “Am I doing it right, daddy?” He gives her only reassuring nods and smiles.

After they finish the song to resounding cheers, Bentley lifts his daughter from the high stool to the stage and the two take a bow. He pats her on the back as she sprints off stage.

Yes, this is for sure the cutest video you’ll see today.

Bentley has another daughter Jordan as well as a son, Knox. And he’s been married to Cassidy — the kids’ mother and his childhood sweetheart — for about 11 years.

Bentley has won two CMA awards already, and the organization recently nominated him for four more for the 50th annual CMAs. Obviously, he’s serious about family and serious about his work.

And Bentley thinks Evie would be a good country singer.

“Well, she’s very moody, so she’d probably be a great female country singer,” he said with a smirk.

He said she started doing the “queen’s wave” after she performed a song and that she cried when they left the stage. Maybe that love of music will drive her to be a country singer after all. 

He goes on to talk about exposing his kids to good country/bluegrass music and his excitement for them to learn music.

“I’m definitely not pushing any sort of career, but I think being around music and being able to play music is awesome on any level,” he said.

Now that he’s married and has kids, he said he’s got a different perspective on playing music — now that he has a family, he has a new view on life.

“I probably appreciate it now more than ever,” he said. “And getting to see music through their eyes is certainly awesome.”