Dear Country Music: Life is More Than Beer and Trucks

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A lot of songs are superficial and short-sighted. Many songs are about things that could be gone next summer, like a crush or your truck — both great, but there’s more to life.

For example, George Jones and Garth Brooks did a song called, “Beer Run,” and Ray Scott sings, “It’s a good day to be anywhere drinkin’ beer,” in his song ‘Drinkin’ Beer.'”

Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah” is all about trucks, and Kip Moore’s song “Something ‘Bout a Truck” crams the top three stereotypes about country music into one song: girls, trucks, and beer.

“Beer Run” – George Jones and Garth Brooks

Just to clarify, I’m not bashing these artists or these songs. I understand you need to sing about more light-hearted topics every once in a while, but when most people outside of country music perceive country music as a one-stop shop for girls, trucks, and beer, maybe there’s a problem.

This is how a writer from Entertainment Weekly writes about country music (from 2013):

“According to iTunes’ top 40 country songs (as of 10:00 p.m. on Oct. 17), country music is woefully one-note at the moment. It’s basically a bunch of guys singing about trucks, headlights, rolled-down windows, jeans, alcohol, moonlit makeouts, and sex on river beds beside old dirt roads.”

Yikes, that hurts.

So, to prove that country music is not one-note and is not superficial like people think it is, here are three country songs that encourage something deeper in life — long-lasting love.

“Love Like Crazy” — Lee Brice

A lot of country musicians sing about love on the surface, about tight jeans and pretty girls. But Brice tries to go deeper than that.

“Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse ‘I Love You’
Go to work, do your best, don’t outsmart your common sense
Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy
And love like crazy”

“Forever and Ever, Amen” — Randy Travis

This is one of the classic country love songs of all time. In it, Travis sings about loving no matter what.

“They say time takes its toll on a body
Makes a young girl’s brown hair turn gray
Honey, I don’t care I ain’t in love with your hair
And if it all fell out well I’d love you anyway
They say time can play tricks on a memory
Make people forget things they knew
Well it’s easy to see it’s happenin’ to me
I’ve already forgotten every woman but you”

“Keep On Lovin’ You” — Reba McEntire

Reba is a classic, and one reason is because her songs are relatable. In this tune, she sings about loving despite ups and downs, arguments, and separations. 

“Lord knows we’ve had our share of fights
Our sleepless nights, our ups and downs
We’ve had plenty and then some of baby-I’m-gones and turnarounds
Sometimes I swear it might be easier to throw in the towel
Someday we’re gonna look back
Say look at us now
That’s why I keep on lovin’ you”

Do you think Country Music is one-sided?