Jim Morrison Death Mystery: The Doors Left Open


The Jim Morrison Death Mystery And The Questions Surrounding His Last Night In Paris

Jim Morrison death

Since 1973 the general public has widely accepted the Jim Morrison death as another drug addict rock star burning out.  Not surprisingly most people have only a clue as to what caused Jim Morrison’s death. 

We do know Jim was found in his Paris bathtub on the morning of July 3rd. The events surrounding his death have been blindly accepted, but Jim Morrison could have fooled us all and still be alive.  The mystery of Morrison’s death lies in what happened the night before in Paris. 

Jim Morrison will forever be remembered as The Doors frontman and a counterculture icon of the 1960s. Before Morrison’s death, he was known as the defiant and rebellious lead singer who was banned from The Ed Sullivan Show after singing “Light My Fire.” The Doors were one of the most popular bands of the sixties, Morrison was a superstar. 

He ripped through the sixties developing a serious alcohol dependence.  During his final recording sessions, Morrison drank up to two cases of beer causing the bloated appearance before his death.

Jim Morrison flew to Paris following the recording of L.A. Woman to get clean and find his inspiration for music. 

The months before Morrison’s death were spent with longtime girlfriend Pamela Courson who was the last person to see Jim alive. The events that occurred the night of Jim Morrison’s death are widely debated. 

American Songwriter gives a quick summary of the many stories witnesses claimed they saw that night:

“Jim Morrison and his girlfriend Pamela Courson went to the cinema to see Pursued, a western starring Robert Mitchum. At another theater, Jim Morrison sat alone, watching a documentary called Death Valley. Across town, at the Rock ’n’ Roll Circus nightclub, Jim Morrison scored some heroin and OD’d in the bathroom. At the same time, Jim Morrison walked the streets of Paris and shot up with some junkies on skid row. Meanwhile, at Orly Airport, Jim Morrison boarded a plane for an unknown destination.”

Of All The Crazy Stories About Jim Morrison’s Death, There Is One That Is Widely Accepted

Jim and his girlfriend Pam Courson came home to their Paris flat to watch movies.  Jim was suffering from a rather severe cough making it difficult for The Doors singer to sleep.  He stayed up late, listening to old records, until coming to bed in the middle of the night.  Morrison’s cough grew worse until he got out of bed, telling Courson he did not feel well.  After drawing a bath for the famous singer, she went to sleep claiming she never saw Morrison alive again.  Jim’s girlfriend said the last words she heard from Morrison were “Are you there Pam? Pam, are you there?”

Following his Jim Morrison’s death, the only person who saw him was Courson and another friend of the couple.  There was never an autopsy performed; his coffin was sealed before anyone from The Doors arrived in Paris.  His official cause of death was heart failure, though there was never any evidence.  There is a common belief that Jim Morrison’s death was caused by a drug overdose, but members of The Doors denied Morrison’s involvement with heavy drugs…

Jim Morrison’s death was ruled heart failure without an autopsy. Morrison’s coffin was sealed forever, only one person was there.

“By the time Doors manager Bill Siddons arrived from the United States on July 6, he found a sealed coffin and the death certificate. Only Courson and Ronay had seen Jim’s body before it was buried in Pere La Chaise Cemetery on July 7. When Ronay negotiated the deal to get an American into the famous French graveyard, he accepted a 30-year lease. It expired in 2001. As of this writing, the body has not been exhumed,” writes American Songwriter.

Jim Morrison’s death will perhaps forever remain a mystery because so many have accepted the story of his death as the truth. There was a time when Morrison was famous for saying that he would fake his death. Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek asked “how do you even know Jim was in the coffin? How do you know it wasn’t 150 lbs. of fucking sand?” Hopefully, Ray was right, reportedly Jim Morrison has been spotted all over the world writing his poetry and keeping to himself.




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