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Trolls are the worst, and country star Jana Kramer knows it.

Ever since social media became the hot new thang, people have used it to do a lot of things. One such thing is to torment other people. This is especially true for famous people who contend with nasty comments, tweets, or whathaveyou. It’s like the real-life bullies have moved to the online world and wreak their emotional havoc there.

As Jake Owen recently learned, trolls can even pretend to be you. In April, someone hacked into Owen’s Facebook to send messages, primarily to women, saying he’d like to talk to them and gave out a phone number. 

The point is, people can be jerks, especially when they can hide behind words on a screen.

Sharing your opinions on the internet is perfectly fine, but some people go too far and start making personal attacks, like in the case of Kramer and her daughter.

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Here’s what happened…

Kramer posted a simple enough photo on Instagram, one that any other mom might post: some cans of baby food at the checkout line with the caption, “And so it begins.” She was transitioning her daughter from formula to baby food, a perfectly normal (but difficult) step for a parent and child.

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That’s when the trolls crawled out from underneath their bridges and out of their caves. They must give their opinions on her parenting — Kramer needs their help or else she won’t make it out alive!


Instagrammers reprimanded her for using store-bought baby food, saying things like, “Make your own. It’s cheaper and way healthier,” or “Make your own it’ll save money and it’s better for her.”

Here are some of the other comments her followers posted on this photo:





That’s when she asked herself, Why are complete strangers telling me how to raise my child, whom I gave birth to? And why should I listen to them?

She had to stand up for herself, so she sat down with pen and paper and wrote out her response to the meanies. She then posted this photo on her Instagram:

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It’s a short but punchy response to the disapproval of her followers.

Kramer went on to explained how she wanted to share her daughter’s life and growing with her fans. She thought it’d be special, but these people were making it very un-special. She asked the trolls to stay in their holes and keep their thoughts to themselves.

“Hmmm, maybe I should also farm the fruits and vegetables?” she joked with the TIME’s Motto blog. “I should wake early, tend to the garden, get on the tour bus, go to soundcheck, pick my produce, puree the food, freeze it and then feed Jolie, hit the stage — and do it all over again after only a few hours’ sleep.”

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Hopefully, her responses will put the mommy-ing “experts” in their places.

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