Here’s Why Guys May Never Understand Country Women


Finally, scientific reasoning that explains why us men can’t always understand women.

We try, but our brains just work differently than yours. We try to listen, we want to hear what you’re saying, but it’s like our physiology is working against us.

A (female) doctor writing for Daily Mail explains this:

“The brain circuitry for emotional processing is different in men and women. Until recently, the chasm between how men and women feel and express emotions was thought to be due to upbringing.”

She goes on to explain how men’s brains prevent their “thought processes from being clouded by emotions, strengthening their ability to find practical solutions, but at times, it can make them appear to be uncaring.”

Thank you, doctor.


Still need some proof? Alright, let’s go over how this plays out in the country life.

After doing some thorough research from reputable sources (i.e. other articles written by women), we found 10 examples of things that only country girls understand. Guys — while they may know some of these things — sometimes miss the boat in these areas.

Country girl ≠ cowgirl boots and a lifted pickup truck

It’s true — what’s the deal with trying to put people in boxes? You’re either rock or rap, country or punk, hunter or fisher. Let’s stop with the boxes. No matter what that country music video says, you’re a country girl and you can be you. And that might cross boundaries, predetermined genres, or expectations.

Country girls stand by their man, not behind.

A relationship is a two-way street, a three-legged race. It’s a team effort. Girlfriends are not trophies or followers. They rock.

You can’t boss country girls around

As Beyonce says in her song “Who Rule The World”:

“Boy, you know you love it. How we smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bear the children then get back to business.”

Girls can fix it themselves

Kitchen sink? Easy. Oil change? No problem. Broken heart? Country girls got that one in the bag. Don’t underestimate girls.

Pushovers get pushed aside

Country girls want a man who can hold his own. You have an opinion? Say it — say it as a respectful, mature adult, but say it nonetheless. Be a man.

Courage = begin terrified, but riding on anyways

With all that women are up against (pay inequality, general sexism, etc.), it takes extra courage to be one. John Wayne once said something along the lines of courage isn’t about doing something difficult, it’s about facing fear and not letting it beat you.

Ain’t it true.

Empty toilet paper roll = don’t think so

If one girl uses up the last of the TP in a bathroom stall, she will for sure let the next girl know. It’s an unspoken rule of courtesy. If a girl runs out while on the throne, sharing TP under the stall door is totally acceptable.

Independence rules

Girls love their alone time — their own life, dreams, and friends. Don’t take offense, it’s nothing personal.