Tragic Fire Has Blazed Down George Strait’s Tapatio Springs Club House


George Strait isn’t a stranger to tragedy, and this last incident is no exception. Devastated by fire, his Tapatio Springs Resort Clubhouse was a total loss, causing a change of plans for many who had scheduled events there.

Tapatio Springs Resort
Tapatio Springs Resort (photo from Texas Outside)

Tapatio Springs

If you’re ever in San Antonio and want to hang with George Strait, there is an option. Ok, not really, but you could hang out at the resort he owns!  220 acres nestled into the hills, the Tapatio Springs Resort is a gorgeous piece of Texas real-estate.

The resort includes a golf course, clubhouse, spa, and dining. Additionally, Tapatio Springs hosts a number of events. These include performers coming to the resort, as well as weddings, meetings, and other gatherings.

But unfortunately, tragedy recently struck the resort.

Tapatio Springs Resort
Tapatio Springs Resort Fire (photo from San Antonio News-Express)

“A total loss”

On November 4, around 7 pm, fire marshals responded to the scene of a fire raging through the Clubhouse at Tapatio Springs. According to, The Boerne Volunteer Fire Department responded to the blaze before requesting help from surrounding counties. The Kendall County Fire Marshall’s Office is investigating the cause.

Despite the efforts of the firefighters, the blaze consumed the entire building. Everyone at the resort was safe. However, the clubhouse is “a total loss.” 

The Clubhouse is vital to the functioning of Tapatio Springs. As a result, the resort is now closed for the “foreseeable future.” Most of the Tapatio Springs events simply can’t take place without the building for meetings, gatherings, and weddings.

Sadly, cancellations also included soon-to-occur wedding plans. 

According to, at least one couple has to quickly find a new wedding venue. “Devastated by the loss” were the words of Bride Tyree Pasini to the news agency. She said that she and her fiancé, Hunter Neal, found to just 14 days before their wedding.

“People have always said the flowers might now show up or you’ll forget your shoes so I was prepared for some little thing to go wrong, and then when my wedding venue burned I was like okay I can’t go find a venue within the next two weeks I don’t know what to do,” Pasini said.

In addition to their wedding, dozens of others have to reschedule meetings and events. Hopefully rebuilding efforts will take place soon, and people can relax at Tapatio Springs again.