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Have you ever looked up the average salary in your career industry? If so, you probably felt one of two things: a sinking feeling for your poor future or your ego increasing by 10 notches.

To country music stars, that’s all just petty money now that they make Petty money.

Here are the top 10 highest paid country music stars according to Forbes. Prepare to be jealous.

Keith Urban — $22 million

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His newest album, “Ripcord,” topped out at No. 1 on country music charts, but most of his cash flow came from touring and being a judge on American Idol.

Blake Shelton — $24 million

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We all know what Shelton’s been up to: he’s a coach on The Voice (where he says some pretty ridiculous things), he bought some properties from his ex, Miranda Lambert, and he puts out chart-topping bro country. He made almost the same amount of money touring as he did on The Voice.

Carrie Underwood — $26 million

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She won American Idol, worked with Olay, and created her own fitness clothing line. She’s just vacuuming up the dolla’ bills.

Shania Twain — $27.5 million

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She’s not just a country star, she has a set gig in Las Vegas. More specifically, a two-year residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas starting December 1, 2012. 

Zac Brown Band — $30 million

country music artistZac Brown Band (photo from

With three Grammys, a band better be making big bucks. After their fourth major label studio album and 65 dates in 12 months, they’ve raked in the cash likes you’d rake up leaves on a fall day.

Jason Aldean — $36.5 million

country music artistAldean (photo from

Aldean was the only country star with a stake in Jay Z’s Tidal, which is doing quite well, to say the least. Despite the success of the music-streaming site, Aldean still makes most of his money from touring.

Toby Keith — $47.5 million

country music artistKeith with his cars (photo from

In the past 12 months, he’s pulled in $450 million of pretax moola, big thanks to I Love This Bar & Grill project and touring.

Luke Bryan — $53 million

country music artistLuke Bryan and Cody Alan (photo from

He may seem like a blue-collar worker, like the rest of us. He grew up in a farming family and he goes back to farms for his Farm Tour. But, alas, he’s in a different tax bracket then the rest of us. Each city he visits on tour brings in seven figures for him.

Kenny Chesney — $56 million

country music artistChesney with a cancer survivor (photo from

We know he’s a good guy, what with bringing a cancer patient up on stage and singing together, so you wouldn’t think he makes as much money as he does. Doesn’t money make a person uppity? Not in Chesney’s case.

And drumroll, please.

Garth Brooks — $70 million

country music artistBrooks (photo from

No competition. His income turns around and laughs at Chesney’s measly pennies. The 90s icon has been at it awhile and he doesn’t plan on stopping; his comeback tour is continuing for the second year. If this were a race, he may have lapped everyone else.





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