Why the Country Life is Better Than the City Life

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-01

country life
Luke Bryan (photo from www.knoxnews.com)

Imagine yourself living in the city — a busy, noisy, rude city.

Okay, snap out of it. What was that like? Not so fun, eh?

I think most of us will agree that living the country life is lightyears better than the city life. On debate.org, most people said the country life was better than the city life. One voter pointed out that farmers are the backbone of the US, as Luke Bryan and Willie Nelson know and support — and farmers need the countryside.

“I put my life into this family farm,” they said. “Staying home sick from school to help out at harvest time. Get up at 7, be out in the field by 8, won’t be back home until 2:30 in the morning. This is where all of my dreams are, no matter where I go this is where I’ll end up in the end.”

Another voter, calling themselves “Jacki1dthp,” had such a solid and detailed response that I’m going to post it in its entirety (with a bit of editing).

Check it out.

Education, education…

country life
photo from www.greenwichedgroup.com

“I’ve grown up on the border of a state forest my whole life and have a great education, [in] fact I thnk I would have a better education than I would have if I was in the city, there [are] less students for teachers to look after so they can help you out more and you experience things city people would never get a chance to.”

Exercise, responsibility, and solid community

country life
photo from www.urbanalfandre.com

“We breathe healthy, less polluted air and will usually be [outside] a lot more than city people. Country people will usually have more pets that city people so it teaches the country kids to have a responsibility. And I have a huge town to ride my horses in. I live in a loving and caring community [where] everyone knows everyone.”

Medical care is more than a band-aid

country life
photo from disputebills.com

“I think you’ll find that in the country there would be at least one nurse or doctor in each family. Medical care in the country is the same as in the city.”

Country living is just plain fun

country life
photo from blog.nativefoods.com

“People say that the country is boring, but I want to ask you city people a question, have you ever [petted] a cow or been part of a community that really knows you and loves you??? And a better question, have you ever been to the country? It’s not all open paddocks and grass with people living 5 Kim’s away from each other. There are actual towns in the country!”

The country isn’t isolated, and it’s safer

country life
photo from www.alaningramphotography.com

“We are [not] isolated and I think you’ll find that the country will have much better fire [brigades] and protection than the city. We need it because there is fire in the country. But that’s not bad. Fire [regenerates] things. It’s how life works.”




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