Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the second presidential debate on October 9 (photo from abcnews.go.com)Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the second presidential debate on October 9 (photo from abcnews.go.com)

Just like the first presidential debate, country artists continue to express their opinions on social media. We all do that, but seeing our favorite country stars give their two cents can be interesting.

For example, the first debate led Natalie Maines to start a drinking game where you drank ever time Donald Trump sniffed. Earl Dibbles Jr. said he’d be voting for George Strait. And Jewel might just run for president next election.

Last we checked, Blake Shelton seems to be leaning toward Trump, Loretta Lynn is obviously for Trump, and Natalie Maines is a Trump hater. On Sunday, October 9, the second presidential debates between Trump and Hillary Clinton kicked off. And this brought country artists back to the internet to vent (or just to post GIFs).

What country artists said about the second presidential debates

Kacey Musgraves posted a GIF from Home Alone with the caption, “Me watching the debate:”

RaeLynn put up a photo of herself in concert, captioning it, “I said you only get two minutes to talk!”

Natalie Maines, an outspoken non-Trumper, has some trust issues with the republican presidential candidate. She Tweeted, “I can’t trust a president that doesn’t pay attention to the details. How can Trump not tan his hands to match his face?”

Maines also delivered a low blow to Trump, “Donald, is that a tie you’re wearing or a second chin rest?”

Whitney Rose weighed in, saying she wants country music as her cry companion, not Trump and Hillary. She Tweeted, “Decided to turn off the debate because if I’m gonna cry by listening to something I’d rather it be country music.”

Hayden Panettiere, star of the ABC’s Nashville, posted on Twitter, “It seems some people think that all women are is a reflection of their husbands. We are voting for Hillary not Bill.”

And that led to a Twitter battle. Here’s just a sample of what happened: “Let’s face it…no one in this race is innocent,” Panettiere said. “I’m not saying that I make light of any bad behavior on either sides.”

Likewise, Martina McBride is frustrated with both presidential candidates, asking rhetorically, ““Seriously. Why are we stuck with these two choices?”

Eric Church, the outlaw of country music and a seemingly sane voice among the noise, isn’t quite sure what to do this November.

Donald Trump, Hillary ClintonEric Church isn’t sure who he is voting for this November (photo from www.spin.com)

“Then you’re saying, ‘I have two people here, and Christ, I don’t trust either one,’” he says. “To me, that’s where the anger comes from. We have to be careful as a country.”

Basically, what he wants — and I think everyone can agree with this — is for us all to get along and respect each other.

“It’s a pretty charged-up time right now,” he says. “At the end of the day, we all have to get along. I don’t care what your belief is — we can’t kill each other. It can’t happen that way.”

“There’s a lot of racial tension in this country, a lot of authoritative tension, with police, and I think all that stuff makes for a tumultuous time. I think all of our politicians need to take a hard look at what their goals are and where we’re headed. Because I think a lot of the anger is against the political system, and that can be dangerous if it continues to get worse.”

Who are you voting for next month?


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