Kenney Chesney and Neil Young are both in the spotlight again. This time, however, it’s for much more than their music. Chesney is hard at work for hurricane victims, and Neil Young made a rather surprise appearance of his own.

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Mission of Love

According to, Chesney is working to get aid to island victims of Hurricane Maria. Given that he’s spent the last 20 years living in the Virgin Islands, he’s no stranger to what disasters can do.

Though the outpouring of money and donations is admirable, good intentions can only do so much. Good execution also matters. Enter Love for Love City. Chesney’s Love for Love City charitable organization focuses on getting supplies and donations where they need to go.

He pointed out that food, water, and supplies are “all in emergency state.” It’s important they make it in, and just as important they can be accessed. He also wants to make sure that the small islands aren’t forgotten in the wake of all the other recent new stories. reported his statement. “Getting supplies in is hard. Finding places for workers to stay is even harder now that Hurricane Maria has done so much damage to St. Croix. Because it’s so hard to get even the basic supplies in, let alone the news media, people really aren’t seeing how devastating these hurricanes have been.”

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Farm Aid

In another effort of charity, Neil Young recently took the stage at the 45th annual Farm Aid.  The mission of Farm Aid is to support local and family farms. But according to, there was uncertainty as to whether Young would play. He has recently canceled performances and has no scheduled ones.

Luckily for fans and Farm Aid recipients, not only did Young take the stage, but he rocked it. described it as a “45-minute set of unbelievable passion and energy.” 

They quoted his address to the crowd: “…Farmers are the American heroes today. They are doing something with their hands that they’re sharing with their neighbors and their friends and families. We appreciate it.”

Get involved

If you want to get involved, there are plenty of options. Merchandise supporting Love for City of Love is available on Kenny Chesney’s website. offers information about the organization, and also ways to give and/or get involved. Thank you to the stars and the fans who keep the Country community alive and reaching out.

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