Check Out These 5 Amazing Luke Bryan Performances!


It isn’t surprising that Luke Bryan was nominated five times for CMA Entertainer of The Year. What is surprising is that he’s only won it once (in 2015). He knows how to engage a crowd and certainly isn’t lacking any confidence. We’ve rounded up 5 amazing Luke Bryan performances that remind you why his fans love him as much as they do.

Kick The Dust Up

Luke performed what was his newest hit single at the time on the Ellen Degeneres Show. “Kick The Dust Up” is a sultry song with a great backbeat. And besides that, who doesn’t love Luke Bryan in skin-tight black jeans? This 2015 hit single was from his Kill The Lights Album.

Huntin’, Fishin, and Lovin’ Everyday

This amazing performance was at the 2016 CMA Fest in Nashville. During this performance, Bryan announced to the crowd, “I get known for the guy that shakes his butt all the time, ain’t that right?” The extremely rousing cheer from the female members of the audience said that he was indeed right. Then he added, “See, I got some butt shake.”

What made this performance even more fun fun was that he claimed he was the best guitar player at the festival…right as Keith Urban walked on stage with his guitar in hand. They then proceeded to just jam. It’s fantastic.

Play It Again

This Luke Bryan performance was spiced up thanks to a guest performance by Carrie Underwood. Turning the song into a duet wasn’t the only fun, though. As she approached Bryan on stage, she brought him a Predators baseball hat (the hockey team of her husband, Mike Fisher). Bryan promptly threw his hat aside and proudly donned the new cap. 

O Holy Night

Bryan’s rendition of this Christmas classic is truly gorgeous. He performed it at the 2017 CMA Country Christmas, hosted by Reba McEntire. It’s pretty enough you almost want to listen to it even after the month of December.

What Makes You Country

Bryan performed his most recent hit single on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It’s fun to see him perform in front a smaller audience because it really showcases his vocals. Plus the lyrics to this song are great.

With Bryan retuning to tour in 2018, we’ll have several more amazing Luke Bryan performances on the agenda. And he may just be a contender for CMA Entertainer of The Year again.