Brad Paisley gets “exhibit” in Hall of Fame

Brad Paisley
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Ahem. Dear Brad Paisley fans…

Listen up. You won’t believe this.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is honoring Paisley with his own exhibit. 

“Exhibit” could mean anything. In this case, it means something very specific. 

His exhibit will show his career from childhood all the way to the star he is today. When he was just 13 years old, he performed on WWVA’s Jamboree USA. Since then, he’s done quite alright for himself. His songs “Remind Me” and “Beat this Summer” have definitely helped him build his brand and win him awards.

“There are many who pick up a guitar at a young age with the hope of turning it into a career someday,” said Kyle Young, CEO of the Hall of Fame. “There are few who stick with it and even fewer who go on to become an award-winning artist such as Brad Paisley. We’re thrilled to tell the story of this incredibly talented musician with our latest exhibition.”

Still with me Paisley fans? 

At this exhibit, you’ll get to see his musical instruments, his awards, manuscripts, his childhood drawings, and even clothes he’s worn during performances. You’ll be able to see life through his eyes.

Other things in the exhibit will show his admiration for some of his heroes, which include Chet Atkins, James Burton, Little Jimmy Dickens, John Jorgenson, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and Don Rich of the Buckaroos.

Let’s go back. Way back in 1999, Paisley dropped his first album, “Who Needs Pictures.”

“When I made ‘Who Needs Pictures,’ my first album, I had been west of the Mississippi River one time in my life, and that was in fourth grade,” Paisley said. “We traveled to California for vacation and stayed with some friends of my parents. It was culture shock, and it was different.”

Since then, he’s gone on a journey that’s lasted for more than 15 years and has seen 14 CMA Awards, 14 ACM Awards, and five platinum albums. The Country Music Hall of Fame says he’s “one of the most awarded artists of his generation.” And not only that, but he wrote 20 of his 23 number-one hit songs — usually a big star makes other songwriter’s songs big, not their own.

But he can write with pen just as good as the next guy (actually, probably a lot better than the next guy, seeing as how he’s won all these awards). Paisley’s unique like that.

So when does this exhibit open? Aren’t you just dying to know?

Okay, okay, I won’t make you wait any longer. It opens November 18 and runs until May 14, 2017.

I’ll leave you with these words from Mr. Paisley: “Anytime you do something from the heart, people just know it.”

It appears the Country Music Hall of Fame knows it and did something about it.