The Best Top 10 List of Unknown Jim Morrison Facts Ever!



Unknown Jim Morrison facts


Jim Morrison of The Doors is widely considered one of the greatest frontmen in the history of rock music.  Morrison exemplified what a rock star looks like with his attitude, style, and total lack of respect for authority figures.  Jim exhibited brash tactics in highly public arenas because he did not care what happened.  For example, when The Doors appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.  Morrison lied to producers, claiming he would alter the word ‘higher’ to ‘better’ or something similar, then played “Light My Fire” exactly it was written. 

At one time, Jim Morrison only wanted the artistic style and music to evolve. Over time those priorities drastically shifted from the arts, to dependence on an array of hallucinogens and other drugs. 

Jim Morrison was found in the bathroom of his Paris flat from a still unspecified cause.  The most common in answer by the public would be the cause of death was either from a heroin overdose or from heart failure.  Regardless Jim Morrison died at 27, but did a whole lot of living when he was here.  Morrison has been researched for decades, most of his story is common knowledge, but some unknown facts about Jim Morrison still exist.

The Greatest Top 10 List of Unknown Jim Morrison Facts In The History Of Time


10.  Harrison Ford The Roadie

Before Han Solo became Indiana Jones he was a stagehand and second light assistant

9.   Jim Morrison Was An Actual Genius

The Doors frontman had an IQ of 149!  He was an avid reader of anything that he could find.  His teachers often had no idea what books he used for his book reports.

8.  a.k.a. James Phoenix

Before ever recording Jim Morrison told The Doors that he wanted to be known as James Phoenix moving forward.  Apparently keyboardist Ray Manzarek disagreed telling Morrison, “No Way!”

7.  Native American Soul Enters Jim’s Body

When Morrison was five he saw a car accident on the side of the road where the passengers were critically injured.  Jim always believed the soul of one of the Native American passengers from the accident entered his body.  The songs, “Peace Frog”and “Ghost Soul” were about the incident.

6.  Plan To Fake His Own Death

Before signing with Elektra Records in ’66 Jim Morrison proposed faking his death to boost popularity for The Doors.  Morrison was right about that, following his death in 1971, The Doors’ album sales exploded.

5.  Mr. Mojo Risin’

This phrase was used as a refrain in the classic “L.A. Woman,” sticking as a nickname for Jim Morrison along with many others.  These words actually do not mean anything, they are an anagram of his name, Jim Morrison.

4.  Don’t Look At Me

Though remembered as wildly charismatic, The Doors frontman was notoriously shy.  In the early days of the band he would often sing with his back to the crowd.

3.  The Infamous Woodstock

The Doors were invited to play at the legendary music festival, but Jim Morrison was suffering from overwhelming anxiety because of such a huge crowd.  Morrison also had delusions that the open space gave assassins the clear shot at him they had been waiting for.

2.  The Mysterious Death

While many believe they know the story of his death the end is not so clear as one would imagine.  The two most common answers are either heart failure or heroin overdose.  He was found in his Paris flat bathtub.  What is unclear is the cause of death is still actually unknown.  New details of that night have emerged saying that Morrison actually died in a club and was carried up to his flat.  The true events of that night may never be known.

  1.  His Grave

Jim Morrison was buried in Paris following his death in 1971.  His grave remains the number one tourist attraction in the city.