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Guitar: the instrument you need to be a country star. 

Try to name one country star who doesn’t know how to play guitar. 

You can’t, can you? Neither could we.

Guitar — whether acoustic, electric, or slide — is the backbone of the genre. It’s difficult (or impossible) to find a country song without guitar. And when you’re good at it, you can go far. 

Who are the best guitarists in country music?

Country music is a pool of talented musicians and guitarists, so it can be difficult to know who’s the best and the hottest. 

Well, we’ve widdled it down and found the best guitarists in the country music world. Here they are.

Keith Urban

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His name says city boy, but his fingers say country music. With skills heavily influenced by his musical idols, you’ll often hear in his songs rhythms too difficult for many artists, and solos that might just melt your face off. 

Chet Atkins

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This one is a throwback, but Atkins is worthy of this list. He impacted country music not only as a musician but as a producer and executive. His fingerpicking style of guitar was a big factor in the way country music headed.

Vince Gill

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Gill is one of the most-awarded country musicians ever. Despite the fact that most of his songs highlight his singing ability, listen closely and you’ll hear his skilled hands playing (and soloing) on the guitar.

Glen Campbell

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Mr. Campbell is praise-worthy of his skills as a session player, which he was for several years before jumping into his solo career. Many of his big songs feature his killer chops on both acoustic and electric guitar.

Brad Paisley

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Paisley is known for playing traditional country lead guitar on his songs. Usually, his solos are gut-busting, complex, and not many country stars can do what he does. Because of his real country sound, the listener can easily pick out his guitar playing from a sea of pop guitar.

Steve Wariner

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Commercial radio hits? Wariner’s got ’em. Award-winning instrumental guitar albums? Yep, he has those too. Oh, what about the Certified Guitar Player award from Chet Atkins? C’mon, of course he has that.

Hunter Hayes

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This young’n can hang with the veteran guitarists. Overall, he’s actually one of the most accomplished in the country music world. His specialty is guitar, both acoustic and electric lead.

Lindsay Ell


country guitaristphoto from

Ell holds her own in this list of mostly men. She’s what you might call a “guitar wizard.” She can kick butt and she’s not afraid to show it.


Who do you think is the best guitarist in country music? Tell us in the comments!



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