Did You Catch This Innovative Stunt That Brad Paisley Pulled Off?


Brad Paisley knows what makes his fans go crazy, and he’s all in! Thanks to FaceTime, he pulled off a stunt that made the audience go wild. Now, we are just waiting for him to do it again.

country music awards
Brad Paisley at the Country Music Awards (source: Salon)

FaceTime Stunt

Thanks to the world of technology, Brad Paisley is able to bring his audiences something artists have never been able to before– a live duet partner that isn’t on stage. And the audience ate it up.

Performing at the C2C (Country to Country) Festival, Paisley began his performance with his riveting duet release, “Remind Me.” There was only one problem– his partner was missing. His partner being Carrie Underwood, of course. She wasn’t on stage. In fact, she wasn’t even in London.

Paisley had a plan. 

As the “I’m Still A Guy” singer began the song, a large video screen was behind him. And who was there but Underwood. Brad FaceTimed her and brought her into the room. She came on screen just in time to join in on the chorus. The fans went wildHaving Paisley in person and Underwood across the pond, but performing together– it was electric.

As he finished his performance, Paisley (always the gentleman) thanked her for her appearance. She sweetly and jokingly responded, “Thank you! I wish I could be there! But this is better because I don’t actually have to be with Brad!” The two engaged in their usual banter. Then Underwood wished the singer and his audience a great night before signing off.

It certainly isn’t the first time the two were together (if you call it that).

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood (photo from Billboard.com)

Quite a History

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood have quite a history. Thanks to their efforts this year at the 51rst CMA Awards, the pair have hosted the event for ten straight years. And they know each other’s comedic timing.

So it wasn’t surprising that Paisley took the opportunity to engage Carrie in his act. However, the events are usually pre-recorded. The London show was unique because Underwood arrived live– much to the thrill of the audience. Of course, her perfectly coiffed hair and pristinely applied makeup suggested it was anything but a surprise, but an absolutely fun stunt regardless.

Here’s hoping Paisley will continue to pull such charming stunts at his shows.