The 7 Worst Country Music Songs From Great Artists


Country music has some of the most outstanding artists in all of music. But that doesn’t mean that every song is worthy of praise. In fact, even some of the biggest hits are honestly just terrible. And some of them are from really genius artists, such as Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. So what are the worst country songs from these great artists? We have them here.

7. Tim McGraw, “Indian Outlaw”

There are so many things about “Indian Outlaw” that just don’t work, despite its popularity. This song was actually McGraw’s first Top 40 hit. He included it on his Not A Moment Too Soon Album. And we get it. Country music isn’t a bastion of political correctness. But there’s avoiding PC and then there’s just being kind of a jerk. 

With lyrics like You can find me in my wigwam / I’ll be beatin’ on my tom-tom / Pull out the pipe and smoke you some / Hey and pass it around, this song promotes ridiculous trite and cliched stereotypes of Native Americans. Besides that, the tune itself isn’t exactly music genius. So “Indian Outlaw” definitely makes the worst country music songs list.

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