What Luke Bryan Does For This NYC Hospital Will Make Your Heart Melt


It’s that time again, y’all. Time to round-up all the happenings about your favorite stars and make sure you’re in the know. This week’s country hottest news sees Luke Bryan in a hospital, Carrie Underwood out of one, and Blake and Gwen reminding us why mistletoe is still a thing that doesn’t need to happen.

Good for the Soul

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Luke Bryan (photo from Radio.com)

This week starts with Luke Bryan‘s sweet appearance at the Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC. According to CMT, there were two purposes for his visit. The first was to play for staff and patients. The second was to launch the Music Pharmacy of Musicians on Call.

The program is designed to give patients more access to music by providing better technology, such as streaming, playlists, and earphones. It aims to harness the power of music, and in doing so, aid in their healing. Bryan said he thinks it is “good for the soul.”

Bryan also had other positive comments about the program. “I think Musicians on Call is just the fabric of what it’s about. Me being a musician being able to participate, but also knowing this is going on in so many hospital rooms across the country,” he said. “And knowing that this is spreading so much love and joy, and making so many people hopefully have a better day.”

“Wrist” it Didn’t Happen

While Luke Bryan was going to the hospital, Carrie Underwood is glad to be out. The singer was seen at the gym sporting her wrist brace, which resulted from a fall in early November. She has surgery a few weeks after, but now appears to be recovering nicely.

The twitter photo was posted by Adrienne Gang, an actress on the show Below Deck. According to her tweets, Gang didn’t even know Underwood had been injured. So she was doubly impressed with how “amazing” Underwood looked.

Don’t Let Mistletoe Ruin Your Lipstick

This week’s hottest country news wraps up with Gwen Stefani’s holiday special, which definitely had visions of sugarplums. The “You Make it Feel Like Christmas” duet between the No Doubt singer and Blake Shelton was especially sugary on the show.

But you gotta give Gwen some credit. Despite the intense lovelorn stares, the girl knows her priorities. In her tweet about the show, she was clear that Shelton was not about to ruin her perfect pout.

Come back next week for another round-up of country’s hottest news. And if there’s something or someone you’d like us to cover, let us know in the comments.