Blake Shelton Just Signed Long-Term Record Deal With THIS Label


Just because work slows down for most of us around this time of year doesn’t mean country music isn’t making the news. In in this weekly roundup, we have the hottest country music news on some of your favorite stars. This week sees Blake Shelton making a significant career commitment, Garth Brooks with a rare tribute, and Luke Bryan sitting at a familiar place on the charts. 

Shelton Stays Country

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Blake Shelton (photo credit: Brian To/

According to Billboard, Shelton just signed a new long-term deal with his record label, Warner Bros., and with Warner Music Nashville. This move certainly says that Shelton is keepin’ it country. 

Shelton started his career with Warner 17 years ago. Thanks to his new contract, he will likely be with the label through the end of his career. The partnership has served him well, considering the “I’ll Name the Dogs” singer scored 10 Gold- and Platinum-selling albums. 

In a statement, Shelton described his happiness regarding his tenure with Warner: “I remember my first trip to Nashville in 1994,” he said. “I drove down Music Row and don’t know why, but when I passed the Warner Bros. building I said, ‘That’s the label I want to be on!’ Now, all these years later, I’m proud to have spent my entire recording career with such a great company. I look forward to more incredible years with my Warner family.” 

Garth Pays Tribute to Musical Hero

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Garth Brooks (photo from Parade)

It’s been 10 years since Dan Fogelberg passed. And thanks to the efforts of his widow, Jean Fogelberg, the “Leader of the Band” singer is remembered in a very special way. Rolling Stone Country reported on the recent release of A Tribute to Dan Fogelberg. Guess who was one of the featured artists on the album? Garth Brooks.

It seems that Brooks is actually a huge Fogelberg fan. RS recalled his comments from a previous interview. “I always thought my music had to be flawless,” Garth Brooks told the Boston Globe in 1991. “One of my biggest influences was [Dan] Fogelberg, and if you ever listen to his stuff, it’s particularly flawless – all the harmonies are perfect.”

Another Score for Luke Bryan

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Luke Bryan releases Christmas song (photo from

Luke Bryan is pretty used to the view at the top. And thanks to his new album release, What Makes You Country, he won’t need to adjust his view anytime soon. This is his 6th studio album overall, and the 4th to go to the top. And not only is it doing well in country, it’s also a smash hit on the all-genres rankings. Congrats, Luke.

So that’s a wrap of this week’s hottest country music news and the last roundup of 2017. Next week will have all the hottest news from the new year, so stay tuned.