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Watch: Luke Bryan’s Bloopers from Tour

By C. Murph | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-21

Of course, fans know that Luke Bryan has been spending a ton of time on the road recently. With the Farm Tour followed by the Kill The Lights Tour, he definitely stays busy, even though he broke his clavicle.

Haven’t you even wondered what it’s specifically like to be on the road as a musician? Of course! Bryan put out a video showing the bloopers and “unseen” moments on tour. It’s a pretty funny video showing moments that you can’t see anywhere else. Furthermore, he really has a lot of fun on the road.

It’s clear from the very beginning of the video that Byran has a good sense of humor and a silly personality. The video shows him dancing, getting sassy with his crew, and being interrupted by Keith Urban. At one point, Bryan messes up a line he’s trying to deliver into the camera: “What stays in Vegas…”

It shows Bryan fishing, Karen Fairchild doing an impression of Bryan, and a new version of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan in one of his LB TV videos (photo from Country 97.1 HANK FM)

Of course, just to show you how funny this video is to other people, here are some of the comments left on this video:

“Can’t wait to see him next year ? love his music and watching his videos make me laugh,” says Kailey Gardner.

“This is definitely one of my fav LBTVs ?❤️❤️,” commented Skylar Whitton.

“We’re just ding donging around watching LBTV on a Thursday afternoon!” exclaimed dogzrmewith23.
“Keith!!” says Jenna Harmon. “Ugh I love him. But 2 of my favorite artists in 1 video 🙂 <3
“Lol,” KevinCummings Fitness of course, opts to say simply.
Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan on his Farm Tour, which is to raise money for scholarships for students from farming communities (photo from Shminhe)
Bryan is almost finishing up his Farm Tour, which specifically raises money for his scholarship fund that goes toward students from farming families. After that, he will be entering his Kill The Lights Tour. 
Along with the Farm Tour, he also released a new EP, “Here’s to the Farmer.”
“But with Farm Tour album, it’s just to have those little nuances of farm-related things,” Bryan says of the album. “Some of ‘em obviously scream more farm stuff than the others, but at the end of the day, it’s just all about (A) is it a great song that we feel like is worthy of making this EP? And (B) does it kind of go along with that rural [theme]? I kinda think Farm Tours will always have that ruralness, that rural theme.”
Of course, he continued about the sound of this EP.
“What’s interesting is that a lot of that is what the start of my career was based on, and I think some of my fans from the way back will appreciate, you’ll be able to hear some of that kind of sounds like my early record stuff,” says Bryan, according to Sounds Like Nashville.

Lastly, check him out on tour:

October 15 / EFFINGHAM, IL 
October 20 / HOUSTON, TX
October 22 / ARLINGTON, TX
October 29 / DETROIT, MI
November 30 / NASHVILLE, TN

December 30 / LAS VEGAS, NV



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