Watch Luke Bryan Sing Incredible Cover of George Strait’s Hit “The Chair”


There’s something about watching new country stars sing old country hits that makes you love them even more. “The Chair” was a 1985 smash hit for George Strait. Now 65 years old, Strait is still the king of country (King George is his nickname, thanks to his 60 No. 1 hits). But he is semi-retired and his songs are not as popular with the younger fans of country music, who are much more used to the sound of Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. But Bryan still recognizes his country roots, as evidenced by his gorgeous cover of “The Chair.”

Luke Bryan Concert Covers

Luke Bryan, George Strait, The Chair, covers
Luke Bryan (photo from

Covers are a thing for Luke Bryan. He does all sorts of them in concert. Generally, he likes to cross genres and add in pop or rap. For example, he covered Nelly and Timbaland, and even artists like Tupac Shakur (Bryan did a cover of “California Love”). He is certainly not one to be afraid to try almost any song, whether it’s completely in his range or not. But on this particular occasion, he decided to stay country. Real country.

During one of his performances on his Kill The Lights tour, Luke Bryan sat at a piano and reached far into the country archives. He pulled out the George Strait hit, “The Chair.” Bryan definitely has a country sound to his voice but that sometimes gets lost when he does pop songs (despite his consistent Georgia drawl). Selecting such a classic country song allowed him to showcase those beautiful country lilts. And he did an amazing performance. 

“The Chair”

Luke Bryan, George Strait, The Chair, covers
George Strait (photo from SocialMediaMonday)

Dean Dillon and Hank Cochran wrote “The Chair.” It’s an extremely clever song. The story is a man getting to know a woman at a bar, and he starts the conversation by politely mentioning that she is in his chair. After he convinces her for a date, he confesses that she actually wasn’t in his chair. The last line of the song is, “That wasn’t my chair after all.” George Strait released it in 1985, and it shot to the top of the charts in both the US and Canada. 

Honoring George Strait

Luke Bryan, George Strait, The Chair, covers
Bryan performing on ABC’s “Good Morning America” outside of the Bridgestone Arena before the CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee back in 2013 (photo from

As you watch the audience react, you can tell that only some of them know the lyrics to “The Chair.” When Bryan launches into his “Strip Down,” the audience is much more involved. Which is sad, because Luke Bryan wouldn’t be Luke Bryan if there hadn’t been a George Strait. Strait is foundational for all of modern country and his music is still what grounds it. So we hope that many more artists will pay homage to the likes of King George and other early modern country artists

You can watch Bryan give his performance in the video below.