Watch Luke Bryan Give A Tour of His Charming Hometown!


If you want know what makes Luke Bryan country, we have some of the answer. Bryan’s tiny Georgia hometown of Leesburg is about as charming a country town as you can find. And the people have that warm southern hospitality that makes you want a glass of sweet tea under a magnolia tree. In an interview with Parade, Bryan gave a tour of Leesburg and spoke about what his hometown means to him. Watching the video, you can see just why he is country.

Homegrown in Leesburg

Luke Bryan (photo from Sounds Like Nashville)

Watching Bryan in Leesburg, you immediately recognize the closeness of the community. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone. (Literally, everyone knows everyone. The population is a whopping 2,800 people). The kind of place where the entire town turns out to watch Friday night games at the high school. And certainly the place where everyone knows Luke Bryan (though that’s hardly unique to Leesburg, anymore).

From the start of the tour, everyone who drives by is waving hello or stopping for pictures. And you get the sense that it isn’t just because it’s Luke Bryan. It’s because he’s the hometown hero. And Bryan sends that love right back. Not only does he amiably smile and sign autographs, but he deeply appreciates his small-town upbringing. As he said on the tour, Leesburg is “deeply ingrained” in who he is (and who he became).

Small-Town Surprises

country life
Luke Bryan (photo from

Leesburg had a few surprising features to it. One was that the town isn’t just about sports. (As Luke put it, “Not just about baseball and football.”) The high school also had a thriving music program when Luke was there, which continued after he graduated. Many of the teachers who were there during Bryan’s time are still teaching, and they remember his involvement in high school musicals and theater.

Looking Back

Luke Bryan
Luke Bryan laughing it up on stage (photo from US99 – CBS Local)

Despite Bryan‘s love of his hometown, he admitted that it wasn’t the place for him to stay. He knew he wanted to pursue a music career. And fortunately, he had extremely supportive parents. Luke quipped that his father told him he would fire him if he “didn’t go follow his dreams.” And so he packed up, moved to Nashville, “and never looked back.”

But now he does look back, though in the reflective way that comes with time and age. And you can see the love he has for what his time in Leesburg gave him. Because his hometown is very much a part of what makes him country. You can watch his tour in the video below.