Watch Blake Shelton Perform ‘Doin’ It To Country Songs’ With The Oak Ridge Boys


When Blake Shelton released his “divorce album,” If I’m Honest, he didn’t just do heartache songs. The “I’ll Name The Dogs” singer included a lighthearted, and rather suggestive song titled “Doin’ It To Country Songs.” The title is much more representative of the risqué nature of the song, which is a fun tune. Plus he included the famous group, The Oak Ridge Boys. And when they joined him at the Opry, Shelton got the chance to sing on one of the most famous country songs in history. 

The Oak Ridge Boys

Blake Shelton, The Oak Ridge Boys, Elvira
The Oak Ridge Boys (photo from

The group now known as The Oak Ridge Boys formed in the 1950s. The name that they have now cemented in the 1960s, and is the one under which they have all their hits. The group consists of Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban. They four men perform both country and gospel songs. Though they recorded and performed steadily over the past five decades, only a few of their hits endure. But because those hits were so big, they are recognizable to almost anyone in America. Arguably, their most notorious song is “Elvira”.

Blake Shelton Does It With The Oak Ridge Boys

Blake Shelton, The Oak Ridge Boys
Blake Shelton (photo from Blake Shelton)

When Shelton released his “Doin’ It To Country Songs”, it was pretty obvious what the song is about. Though the lyrics talk about shooting pool, drinking beer, and dancing, the chorus reflects a pretty risqué sentiment. Even Shelton can’t sing “doin’ it” with a straight face. And to give the song more complexity, he featured The Oak Ridge Boys in it. 

So when Shelton and the Boys were on stage together at the Grand Ole Opry, they included “Doin’ It” on their set list. But that wasn’t the only song they performed. After they finished with Shelton’s song, they went in to “Elvira.” And Blake Shelton was clearly enjoying himself singing the classic country hit.

It’s always fun to see new country meet old. It gives the new artists an anchor to their roots as a country musician. And it keeps classic artists relevant. It’s just a win-win.

You can watch the Blake Shelton perform with The Oak Ridge Boys in the video below.