Trisha Yearwood Just Received An Award Only She Deserves…


It’s difficult to imagine Trisha Yearwood receiving an award she hadn’t already won at some point. But when President Jimmy Carter honored her on Oct. 12, it was something unique and special.

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks
Trish Yearwood and Garth Brooks (photo from

Humanitarian work

Former President Jimmy Carter has contributed countless hours of humanitarian work. One his most precious causes is Habitat for Humanity. Carter has dedicated numerous hours of volunteer work for Habitat. 

He isn’t their only famous volunteer. Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are both outspoken supporters of the charity. 

According to the Habitat for Humanity website, the pair have partnered with the organization for more than a decade. They first volunteered with Habitat in New Orleans to help build homes on the Gulf Coast following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. 

They also have lent their names and support to numerous Habitat events and projects, including the Carter Work Project and National Women Build Week.

It seems Yearwood never expected to receive any special recognition for this work. But that Thursday night, that’s exactly what happened.

Trisha Yearwood and Jimmy Carter
Trisha Yearwood receiving award honor from Jimmy Carter (photo from

A “truly special” surprise

It happened during a concert of Trisha Yearwood, and husband, Garth Brooks. The two performed at Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz stadium to a sellout crowd of 80,000 fans. 

Yearwood is a Georgia native, as it Carter. 

She was quite surprised by President Carter’s appearance there, and even more so when he explained. Carter told her that it was a proclamation from the State of Georgia to honor her work with Habitat for Humanity.

As reported by One County, Carter described how grateful he was for her gift of service:

“I think you all know where Trisha is from…the great state of Georgia! We’re very proud of her and everything she does. She’s a great singer, a great cook and she and Garth are wonderful helpers of other people. Trisha has honored Georgia for many years, and it’s time for Georgia to honor her…Trisha, we love you. Thank you for serving Georgia.”

Yearwood replied:

 “It’s such an honor to receive recognition from my home state of Georgia, and to have President Jimmy Carter, a man who has inspired me, present my proclamation, is truly special. The work Habitat for Humanity does is so important and I’m humbled to be part of their organization.”

It was a warm moment between the two that showed the love of the country music community. Hopefully, Yearwood’s service will go on to inspire others.