The Top 10 Forgotten Country Songs of 2000 You Loved


There were so many great country songs at the turn of the century, it’s difficult to remember them all. 2000 had some absolute gems of country music. Songs that were smash hits that we were all singing for weeks at a time. But as things go, new music replaced old music. New artists arrived on the scene. And thus some of those great country songs fell away into history. So here are the Top 10 songs of 2000 to help you remember.

10. Jamie O’Neal, “There Is No Arizona”

She seemed like a promising artist in the first year of the new century, but Jamie O’Neal didn’t do much after that year. But despite that, 2000 was an amazing turn around the sun for this Australian artist. That was the year she released her debut album, Shiver. Two singles came from that record, which were “There Is No Arizona” and “When I Think About Angels.” Both of those reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, but the former is the favorite of this author.

O’Neal actually co-wrote “There Is No Arizona”, which is a sad song about a woman figuring out that the man who was supposed to return for her was not. 

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