Miranda Lambert’s “Unplugged” Version Of Her Hit Song is Eerily Beautiful


Miranda Lambert‘s “Tin Man” contains heart-aching lyrics that earned it two nominations at this year’s CMA Awards. The song is gorgeous in its original recording. But strip it down to an acoustic guitar and Lambert’s singular voice echoing in a bathroom, and it’s downright chilling.

Tin Man
Miranda Lambert (photo from cmt.com)

Tin Man: Unplugged

The first notable feature of the video is that it’s shot in black-and-white. This adds to the stripped down effect of the song. It also ensures that there aren’t any distractions from the music.

Lambert sits on the floor, legs outstretched, her guitar in her lap. She’s wearing a distressed white tee that falls below one shoulder. The style of the tee gives her the relaxed look of hanging out at home on a Sunday. The distressing seems to parallel the angst of her lyrics. White is a color of purity and innocence, both of which her song evokes with its honesty.

It’s the most barebones version you can imagine. There’s nothing filtering her voice except the echo of the tile, which only adds to the effect. Although there could possibly be a more beautiful version of the track, it certainly doesn’t exist now. Perhaps it won’t ever exist.


The song is part of her 24-song double album release, The Weight of These Wings. The project took her more than a year to complete. It was nominated for Album of the Year at the CMA’s but lost to Chris Stapleton’s From A Room: Volume I.

When asked what inspired “Tin Man,” Lambert revealed that it’s a tribute to her favorite Kenny Chesney song of the almost-same title.

“This song sort of wrote itself,” she said. “I was a little worried at first about writing another song like that but I told Kenny [that] I felt the same emotion I feel when I hear that song. I was feeling it myself and the other two co-writers were feeling it as well. It comes from the same place and I guess it inspired it.”

Of course, she also admits that the album was a reflection of her moods of the last year as she recovered from her divorce and developed a new love. Whatever the combination, the song is a beautiful country ballad.