The Top 3 Hilarious Videos Of Fans Pelting Luke Bryan On Stage


With his good looks and party sound, Luke Bryan knows how to work his crowd into a frenzy. So much so that they want to interact with him in all sorts of ways, including all things on stage (bras, flowers, phones). And some of which can cause a bit of pain for the “Country Girl” singer. Here are three hilarious times Luke Bryan got pelted on stage.

The Flying Phones

In September 2017, Bryan was performing in Virginia. In between songs, he decided to have a little crowd interaction, so he took someone’s phone and read their text messages from stage. Which was hilarious in and of itself. But it also resulted in Luke getting pelted in an unexpected way.

Apparently the text message read made some the other members of his audience a bit jealous. And their solution? Throw their phones onto the stage in the hope Bryan would do the same. (They also must have assumed he could clairvoyantly ascertain their passcode.)

It’s difficult to imagine why the well-thought plan didn’t work. The biggest issue was that it hurts to get hit with a smart phone. Who knew? 

“There goes another damn phone,” he said as one flew through the air. “How much damn money are y’all making around here that are throwing iPhones up here?” Then he chided his fans, saying, “They are weapons, you a–holes.” Luckily he escaped without injury. 

A Bra To The Face

Luke Bryan is certainly used to women throwing their bras and panties at him. What he isn’t used to is getting pelted in the face, which is what occurred at a show in Syracuse in August 2017. The woman who threw the undergarment certainly hit a bullseye (assuming she was aiming for his head).

When you throw a bra at someone, kinda watch the face,” Bryan admonished her. “Don’t hit me in the face with something where your boobies were.” Then he joked, “”We’ll put it with the others.”

“Aftermarket shit”

Barely into the new year, and Luke Bryan has already been pelted. It was a bra again this time, but what this incident particularly hilarious was his response.
Bryan was playing a show at his Crash My Playa event in Mexico when the lingerie smacked him in the ribs. Bryan stopped and uttered an audible, “Ow.” 

“You know you have big titties when your bra knocks some breath out of me,” he announced to the crowd. “Holy hell! Those are big ol’ titties.”

Then he went on to poke fun at the bra itself. “Some damn aftermarket shit here. Spent all her money on titties and got a cheap bra.”

Luke Bryan, pelted, stage, bra
Luke Bryan (photo from Tulsa World)