Tim McGraw Won Faith Hill’s Heart With This Special Recipe


In the storybook romance that is Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, there is a secret ingredient that most fans don’t know. The couple had an instant chemistry, but Tim McGraw still had to woo his future wife. Luckily he knew just how to do it. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It turns out that the same is true for women. Because Tim McGraw might not have won the heart of Faith Hill without one particular Southern staple.

Tim McGraw Makes Supper

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (photo from St. Louis Post Dispatch)

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Tim and Faith‘s 20-plus year journey started over dinner. Back when Oprah Winfrey was still on the air, Tim McGraw opened up about what he did to court Faith Hill. Remember that both of them are Southerners. He is from Louisiana, she is from Mississippi. So when he decided to make her that first supper, he knew just what to make: chicken and dumplings.

Like any good Southerner, Tim McGraw learned to make the staple dish from his grandmother. It was a great recipe for a guy short on cash while he was struggling as a musician. Plus, as is the case with every grandmother recipe, they were amazing. So he held onto the recipe and continued making them as an adult. So when it came time to cook for Faith Hill, Tim knew just what rabbit to pull out of the hat–or chicken, as it were.

Faith Hill Gets Wooed

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (photo from Martha Stewart weddings)

What’s great about the video is that they share more than just their early story (and obvious crush on each other). They also share how to make the amazing dish, in case you’re thinking you might want to cook the special dish for your significant other. And it obviously worked for them. They are raising three daughters, and now on tour together for the second year of their Soul2Soul tour. Nothing like a home-cooked supper to start one of the great country music romances! You can watch their cooking class and adorable story below.