How Tim McGraw Intimidates Brantley Gilbert


Don’t let his good looks and confidence fool you. Even Brantley Gilbert can get intimidated. But it takes a lot to get him there. Some of the people that can intimidate him include two extremely hot country music singers who spend a significant amount of time sculpting their chiseled bodies. Find out why Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney intimidate Gilbert enough that he even has nightmares. 

Brantley Gilbert vs. Tim McGraw

Brantley Gilbert, intimidate, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney
Tim McGraw (photo from Men’s Journal)

Country Fancast covered the interview Gilbert gave to Sounds Like Nashville. In it, Brantley Gilbert admitted that one of the men who intimated him is the uber-muscular Tim McGraw. A few years ago, Gilbert toured with McGraw on the Two Lanes of Freedom Tour. McGraw, of course, is known for 3-hour workouts to achieve those abs. So the idea of having to break a sweat with him was pretty scary.

Kenny Chesney Joins In 

Brantley Gilbert, intimidate, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney
Kenny Chesney (photo from

Things only got worse when Kenny Chesney joined the tour– and joined in the workouts. Gilbert admitted that he does work out, but just not the way of those two boys. “I’ll be honest, not the way I should,” Gilbert admitted. “I’m probably about to the age and the point in my life where I need to start dressing that up a little bit. But I’m not really that much of a cardio guy.” 

“I’d watch them out the window and start sweating,” he quipped. “I used to have nightmares about [Tim] knocking on my bus door and telling me it’s time to work out. I’m terrified of… him and Kenny both,” Gilbert confessed.

On His Own

Brantley Gilbert, intimidate, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney
Brantley Gilbert (photo from NY Daily News)

We can’t blame him. Both McGraw and Chesney are incredible specimens. And the amount of work it takes to achieve those bodies would intimidate almost anyone. Luckily, Gilbert can relax this year. He is on his own tour this year. His The Ones That Like Me has tour dates through the end of July, with additional dates in fall. 

Between his tour and his new baby, Brantley Gilbert likely won’t be buffing up his workouts anytime soon. But despite the fact that he doesn’t spend the hours in the gym or McGraw and Chesney, he certainly doesn’t have anything to worry about. He is plenty sexy just as he is.