HOT AS HELL: THIS New Bahama Pic Of Tim McGraw Will Drop Your JAW


Tim McGraw isn’t shy about sharing how much he works out. In a gesture that has every woman on the internet saying “thank you,” shared the ripped results of his efforts. In a recent vacation pic, he showed off a nice catch. He also revealed a hotter than hell body.

hotter than hell
Tim McGraw (photo from

Hotter than Hell

Given his tan, shirtless figure, McGraw was obviously enjoying a warm temperature somewhere in the Bahamas. He and Faith Hill have a super sweet spot of their own in that neck of the woods. Seems likely they spent some Thanksgiving time there. 

What was so hot was the photo the “Live Like You Were Dyin'” singer posted to Twitter. In it, McGraw is wearing only swim trunks and holding what appears to be a fish (honestly, after looking at the photo several times, I can’t see anything other than his abs).

“Bam! 34 ft. free dive with Bahamiam sling,” the 50-year-old posted about his catch (the sling is something commonly used in spearfishing). 

Nice Catch

The fish was clearly a nice catch for Tim. But the photo definitely shows that Tim was a nice catch for Faith.

Faith was approving of her husband’s workout efforts. She posted a happy face emoji with heart eyes in response. 

The two definitely deserve some rest and relaxation. 2017 has been a busy year.

Their Soul2Soul tour has been in full swing and they’ve already scheduled additional dates for next year. Additionally, the pair recently released their first-ever duets album, The Rest of Our Lives. They’ve had several promotional dates for that. They even have a new exhibit about them at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. 

His fans will be anxious to see him back out on the road. But it seems we also don’t mind him taking time off– as long as he keeps posting the steamy vacation pics we all love.